BAT50 Battery Asset Tracker

The BAT 50 product is an asset tracking device designed to provide the user with a once per day daily locate. This device does not function on any of the continuous tracking rate plans. We have specifically engineered the unit to update itself and then go back to sleep enabling this self contained battery powered device to last a minimum of 1 year without the need to replace the battery.

This device can be affixed to any asset, designed to provide intelligent monitoring of non-powered mobile and fixed assets. Like all of the other FleetSat products, it can be a part of a universal solution, mixed with our continuous tracking devices visible utilizing the same web based software, communication using the AT&T Wireless GPRS data network.

The BAT 50 is a water resistant device, pursuant to the IP-66 code rating. This rating specifies that the device is protected against dust and high pressure jets of water. Because it was designed to be installed exposed to the environment the GPS and Cellular antennas are completely integrated.

Target Market:
> Agriculture/Construction/Trailer and outdoor sign companies

Product Differentiator:
> Completely self contained, easy install, daily update, very inexpensive service plan

BAT50 Battery Asset Tracker
  • Internal battery life is greater than 1 year
  • Fully Integrated - no need for external antenna or power source
  • Water Resistant - Device is Protected Against High Pressure Jets of Water