VP180 Vehicle Tracking Device

The VP180 is our entry level fleet tracking product. This “real-time” continuous tracking device functions on 1, 2 and 5 minute rate plans.

This device is our most inexpensive model and greatest value without sacrificing most of the features or functionality of our other fleet tracking devices.

This device can be ordered with our optional 3 year extended warranty.

Target Market:
>Most general businesses
>Areas with strong cell coverage (limited memory capacity)

Product Differentiator:
> Our smallest fleet tracking product
> Ease of installation (all internal antennas)
> Greatest value for the dollar

VP290 Vehicle Tracking Device
  • Embedded GPS/Cellular Antennas
  • Covert 3 wire installation
  • Memory retains 180 locations for store/forward capability
  • Monitor live ignition events
  • GSM Dual Band (850/1900MHz)