VP400 Vehicle Tracking Device

The VP400 is our most versatile device designed for an easy, quick installation without the need to splice wires. It can be installed in seconds, virtually eliminating the cost of installation. The GPS and cellular antennas are completely integrated, the unit is engineered and designed to simply plug into a vehicle’s OBDII connector and is compatible with most vehicles.*

The VP400 which operates on GSM/GPRS network supports TCP, UDP, FTP and is capable of firmware updates over-the-air. This device will also support our 1,2 and 5 minute rate plans.

Our VP400 product can be mixed with other non plug & play devices. As with all of the FleetSat product line, all you need is internet access and the web based software and reporting suite will provide you what is most important to you organization.

*an exception list of vehicles can be provided by your sales agent

VP400 Vehicle Tracking Device
  • 180 buffered messages for store-and-forward functionality
  • GSM Dual Band (850/1900 MHz) operating on the AT&T Wireless GPRS data network
  • LED status indicators for GPS lock, GSM registration and OBDII lock
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade capability
  • Optional Y harness that will allow the vehicle to be serviced without removing the device
  • Supports all OBDII protocols
  • No external antennas or power connectors needed