VP500 Vehicle Tracking Device

The VP500 product is our most expensive and robust real time tracking device. Designed to enable a universal solution for 24/7 visibility and continuous tracking. Like our other products it will support our I, 2 and 5 minute update rate plans and unlike our other products it has been designed to support a 30 second rate plan. This plan is offered specifically for the needs of first responders and public safety.

In addition to supporting Remote Door Unlock and Starter Disable, the VP500 has been engineered to support up to 4 analog or digital sensors/inputs.

The VP500 also has the most storage capacity and like all of our other products it includes configurable parameters and firmware that can be updated over-the-air. It is also supported by our optional 3 year extended warranty.

Target Market:
> Fire/Police, Federal/State and Local governments, Ambulance services, disabled and special needs transportation companies

Product Differentiators:
> Supports multiple inputs, supports 30 sec. update rates, largest store/forward capacity

VP500 Vehicle Tracking Device
  • Capable of supporting Remote Door Unlock and Starter Disable
  • Voltage Monitoring and Low Battery Notification
  • 5,000 Buffered Messages for store-and-forward functionality
  • GSM Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) operating on the AT&T Wireless GPRS data network
  • Comprehensive I/O, 4 inputs and 2 outputs
  • Supports 30 second update rate plan